5 March 2020 AD; St John Joseph of the Cross (1734)


As you are aware (I hope) I have derived a general formula in the complex form to calculate from just one equation all known to present science dimensionless values of:


* coupling constants (forces) of the electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force

* Neutrino and Quark mixing (oscillation) angles

* CP Violating Phase Angles for Neutrino and Quark

In addition to these, all other values of coupling constants are calculated (except gravity - for now!); as well as mixing (oscillation) angles for Boson, Graviton, Time and Space, and the External and Internal parts of the Membrane. Also for all these elements, CP Violating Phase Angles are calculated as well. I have introduced a new parameter - Sigma - the sum of all the mixing (oscillation) angles from before and after the transform (explained in the articles written not that long before this one). 

The point is, that all these results and more in the future (masses of the particles and magnitudes of the gravitational coupling constant as well as other new and introduced by me forces) are all calculated from One Single Equation. This Equation describes Quantum as well as the Universe at the same time. It is possible by introducing a new set of numbers - Transcendental Constants similar to "pi" and "e". Now, as you will see this Equation of the Construction of the World(s) does not end right here in our Univers/Quantum, it goes further into a different world (another Universe/Quantum System). The next article will present evidence of that fact. It will be obvious that there exists another Realm - for me as a Trad Catholic it is definitely Heaven, the others might call it "parallel universe". One thing is for sure - there is no multiverse - there are only two worlds. The theory of the multiverse is completely wrong - in its attempt to get rid of God the Creator. 


You can have a look at the Equation of the Construction of the World(s) here:

in simplified form (integers only) <  Integer formula  >

Or in continuous form <  Final Formula part I  >  and  <  Final Formula part II  >

You can read here about the derivation of these wonderful Transcendental Constants making the Formula possible  <  How to derive God's Numbers  > 

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