5 June 2020 AD; St Boniface (754)


While looking at evidence of Creation (Cosmic Microwave Background, CMB for short) I noticed that the CMB Power Spectrum has some music encoded in it. This fact is nothing new, since astronomers noticed also that there were acoustic waves in the beginning of the Universe, as described by Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum.

However, those sounds are not just some isolated, random sounds. They are actually sounds which can be translated as close to the Western Musical Scale. In the main article, I will derive and prove all these foundings. If these sounds are basis of our music (or close to it), then obviously there is someone behind it - and for me, it is not some "out of nothing process" done by some magic as most of the scientists falsely believe, but solid evidence of God (not just any "god", but the Only One - Catholic God, Most Holy Trinity). So, at the very beginning, one can say, there was "a symphony" of sounds, not only of lights. Since there were no creatures yet, obviously these sounds were meant not only for us, His creatures, (so we can deduce the Creator were behind making this first "Symphony"), but also for Him. The Musical Scale I have derived is slightly different from present Western Musical Scale. The Music of the Creation is softer and it does not sound so "mechanical" as the Western Music Scale is sounding.

If someone wants to get into details of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), and CMB Power Spectrum, as well as learn a bit about Music, which will be very useful for the main article (coming up very soon), here are some links:


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Angular Power Spectrum of CMB


And a short video about derivation and structure of music:


Why It's Impossible to Tune a Piano




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