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Andrew Yanthar-Wasilik


There are three formulas for getting fine structure constant -  

- first in agreement with approximation from Harvard University from 2008(1)  

- second with the agreement with approximation from Kobayashi Institue (Nagoya University) from 2012(2)  

- third with the agreement with approximation from 2014 CODATA


The formulas are slightly different, time will tell which one is better, once the work on this blog is completed.

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This Book contains some of the unique mathematical properties called by me

Index Mathematics - where the indexes of a Constants (subscripts)

are used to calculate their values. It is described in the paper on some

numerical examples. Also, the general formulas for multiplication, division,

powers, and logarithms are derived. As well as a relation between constants

C0, C16, and CHT are shown.


26 December 2016, Feast of St Stephen 

Andrew Yanthar-Wasilik

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 Quick narrative to “Book 1-b - Transcendental Constants - Introduction”

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Andrew Yanthar-Wasilik

26 December 2016 AD, Feast of St Stephen


I was able to derive general formulas for multiplication, division, powers and logarithms for the Transcendental Constants.

Addition and subtraction are more difficult to derive, it was done only partially.

Transcendental Constants have their own unique way of calculations, i.e. they use what I called

Index Mathematics.

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