1 March 2019: Feast of Sts. David and Albinus


These articles describe the importance of Transcendental Constants in the music world. 

We use an artificial scale which is only a rough approximation of reality, while the Transcendental Music Scale is a perfect description for music.

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28 February 2019


Here are merged files with frequencies from Table 3: Transcendental and Traditional.

You can listen on your music player, or in your browser, and you will see that there is no difference in sound, even at high frequencies.

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26 February 2019; Feast of Sts Porphyrius and Alexander


The second table of Transcendental Constant Music Scale starting with initial frequency A4 = 440.000Hz.

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27 February 2019; the feast of Sts Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows and Leander


An attempt at getting the exact value of the key A4 = 440.00 Hz (in piano frequency).

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26 February 2019, Feast of Sts Porphyrius and Alexander


These two articles contain two tables of notes. First calculated from the base frequency 49th key 437.3333 Hz and second with a base frequency A4 = 440.0000Hz.

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