1. Introduction to the Series


Hey all,

I want to do a quick introduction explaining a few things on how I am going to expound the bible from the first chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of the Apocalypse.

I will be going one chapter at a time an analyzing it in depth in a few different ways, but before I explain how I will go about analyzing, I wish to say my experiences on my time schooling during theology. It seems that the essence of our faith and the understanding the God has written the scriptures has been clouded by gaining useless knowledge that is more based on history and how there are contradictions all over the place in the bible. I have had serious issues with understanding this idea of study so when I started to study on my own, I took the literal sense of the words, but read them much more carefully AND allowing the Holy Spirit to fill my heart and enlighten me rather than have my own weak and useless human knowledge guide me. 

With that being said, I will be expounding the bible firstly in a literal sense which means I will take the word exactly as it is with no other subtle meaning behind it. An example would be in the first chapter of Genesis which is the creation of all things; many things can be taken literally like the order of which God created everything. The next aspect I will fuse into the literal sense is the spiritual or hidden meanings that are behind each verse and the chapter as a whole. The last thing which I will do will be to fuse to literal and spiritual together into one being as if they were weaved into one like two strings because our God, the eternal Father, is perfection and everything is ordered and planned. He has taught me with simple logic that He has inspired me with that asking very basic questions as if I was a child trying to understand something. This will be explained more fully in God's Dialogue tab.

I hope you all will enjoy what I have been inspired to share with you all and what God has so graciously given to me for free. I am very happy that I can do God's will and give it to you for free as well! I should have my first article posted today.

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