7. Understanding Genesis 3: Sin


What a wonderful thing God’s love is for us. He has given us all creation as a gift to us and gave us power over all creation.

He has given us His likeness and image so that we may be exactly like Him out of His want for us to be happy and share in the unconditional perfect love that is God. He even sent His only son that He loved above all things for our redemption so that we would be free from eternal death. It wasn’t any death either, but a tortuous grueling death that no man should ever have to endure and to make it even better, He was suffering by being purely innocent. There was no fault found in Jesus Christ and yet He took the time out of His being God, to become like us (human) and do the things we do and instruct us the way that teachers do. Jesus Christ is one of us and brought God to us so that we’d always have His wounds to hide in. If that still doesn’t scream perfect love, then let us turn to Jesus Christ’s passion and death so that we see He loved us so much that He suffered not just with patience, but also with insurmountable joy because He was doing something to make us humans happy. Jesus Christ is the perfection of love as God.


Now I wish to turn your attention to sin and how terrible and vile it is. Sin is telling God that the gift of creation He has given to us and the power He gave us over it is useless and that it is not enough. Sin is constantly asking for more power and more creation and that God’s gift sucks. Sin is saying that the likeness and image of God is something that’s unfortunate and displeasing because we have to be alive. It is saying that being like God is a pain and that it’s more annoying that anything else. It is saying that “I would have a better image and likeness if I was God.” Sin is saying that the only son that God sent for our redemption wasn’t done well enough and that we shouldn’t remember Him because He didn’t suffer that much anyway. Sin is saying that I could do a better job than Jesus did with patience for carrying the cross or suffering joyfully. Sin is saying that God is weak for having to come down to earth to redeem us because if He’s God He would have done it in a better way. Sin is saying that you are better than God. Sin is saying that you know better than everyone and everything and by saying that you are saying you are better than perfect unconditional love itself.


When we sin it doesn’t mean you are actually saying these things, but this is how the sin appears. In general, it appears that you think you know better than God by doing what you want rather than what God wants. The goal for us Catholics is to link up our will with God’s will so that we live in harmony and perfect unity with no division or chaos. Love is order and unity is order. With order (as we saw in Genesis 1) there is perfection. It is not hard to love God and neither is it hard for us to hate Him. For us sinners, we must keep striving to get as close to God as possible so that sin becomes disgusting to us and we throw it away as soon as it comes in sight. Pick your side my friends, be with God in perfection and love, or be with yourself and the devil in destruction and chaos.


May God’s blessing be upon us all forever for inspiring my words and I hope that all of you who read will understand as God intended it. Thy will be done Lord.



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