3. Understanding Genesis 1


Understand Genesis 1:


This chapter of Genesis has been the most challenging chapter of the bible for my faith in God. For six long years I’ve been struggling and doubting theology because of this one chapter. I couldn’t understand a single excerpt of it with any knowledge

and any way I approached reading it. Six years later (now) I’ve been through many ups and downs in my life, but only about four months ago, I’ve gotten really strong in my faith. Stronger than I have ever been before and I spent a lot of time in prayer and I gave up everything that I loved for God. If I noticed that anything was hindering me from getting to God, I would immediately rid myself of it because I was so desperate to get close to Him in any way possible. It was then that I found God and I have never let go of Him since.


I do not wish to tell you the exact ins and outs of how I expounded Genesis 1, but what I can tell you is that it is one of the most dense chapters of the bible I have ever read because it holds the entire account of creation. Think about it, one chapter in a huge book covers how everything came to existence and to me this screams God’s essence. His power, sovereignty, control, order and love. I couldn’t believe that I not only could understand what was being said, but the supreme majesty of God for creating everything with such ease and efficiency. I truly am happy that God has graced me with this knowledge and love and I am even more happy that I can share it with you freely.


Although, I did not understand everything right away, I trusted God to answer many of the questions and doubts that I had in my mind. I am not worried about doubting the dogmas of the church that I don’t understand, but instead I think that God can answer them for me since I realize my stupidity in these topics. With that humility and submission to God’s will, He gave me all the knowledge I could ever ask for and more. I’ve always wanted to understand the science of creation and He has given that knowledge to me. It goes a lot further than what I said, especially in the instance of the sun and the moon.


I don’t know if any of you have ever noticed how the moon’s cycle is very different than the fixed cycle of the sun. The moon seems to constantly follow the sun. During the day I sometimes see the moon shining with the sun and during the night I sometimes don’t see the moon at all because I feel that it is desperately chasing the sun. The thought makes me laugh and smile because now that I understand the moon as Mary and the sun and Jesus, her son, I can imagine how great her love was for Him that she would leave all things just to be with Him. This is a prime example of how great our faith should be for our creator and understanding Genesis 1 is just the beginning of becoming perfect. We have a whole bible to expound and I’m sure we will find many surprising things together and how we can grow into our faith with perfect understanding, knowledge and love for God.


Thanks be to God!


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